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How to install Windows 95 in VirtualBox (part 2)

How to Install Windows 95 – Part 2

In the previous guide, we have seen the basics of installing this operating system up to the application of the security patch (see the guide here) to avoid the error when booting Windows in VirtualBox.

Let’s continue now with the installation of Windows.

System configuration

At system boot, after applying the security patch mentioned above, we will be prompted to insert the Windows CD/floppy into the drive. Let’s insert it and click on “OK.”

Windows disk insertion request
Windows disk insertion request

Windows will automatically load the necessary components.

Installing the latest features
Installing the latest features

At this point, we would theoretically be ready to use our “new” Windows 95.

Windows 95 desktop
Windows 95 desktop

The first problem we will encounter, however, will be the very low definition of our screen. In fact, let’s try to open an image on the Windows 95 CD. Open “My Computer”> “Win95 CD”> “funstuff”> “pictures”> “win95”. The result will be tragic.

To fix this, we can install a software called “SciTech Display Doctor”. We can download the ISO image directly from the site.

We insert the image into the virtual reader and start the setup.

How to install Windows 95: Display Doctor splash screen
Display Doctor splash screen
Installazione di Display Doctor
Installing Display Doctor

Once installed, you will be prompted to restart your computer. We restart the virtual machine and open the program.

It will not be easy to navigate through the menus, given the poor resolution, but directly on the program’s home page, under the “Active Features” section, we find the word “SciTech Display Driver” and click on the blue “Disabled” link.

Display Doctor home screen
Display Doctor home screen

At this point we select “SciTech Nucleus Driver” and click on “Apply”.

Configure Display Doctor Drivers
Configure Display Doctor Drivers

Once the computer has restarted, we will be able to select “True Color (32 bit)” as the color depth and the size that best suits our resolution needs.

How to install Windows 95: Windows 95 desktop with a higher resolution
Windows 95 desktop with a higher resolution

At this point, we can really enjoy our Windows 95!